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Halloween Party



On November 1, 2019, our class had a Halloween party. Our global course participates in various global events and this time we celebrated Halloween.

On that day we borrowed one of the classrooms and we used the whole afternoon to celebrate. Because of Halloween, students and teachers were dressed in costumes, and it was fun to see those costumes.

First, we used real pumpkins to make our own creative Jack O lanterns. Not all of us had experience carving pumpkins so our native teachers showed us how to cut the pumpkins. Our first step was to carve out the top of the pumpkin and take the guts out of it. One of our native teachers, Mrs. Kim, told us that pumpkin seeds are delicious when it is baked so we separated the seeds from the guts to prepare them to be baked later. The seeds were collected and these pumpkin seeds were baked by Mrs. Kim. These seeds were very delicious and the class liked the new treat.

Back to pumpkin carving, our next step was to cut out the face. We were separated in 9 groups so we were able to see 9 different, original Jack O lanterns. After the clean up we took a picture with the lighted pumpkins. It was beautiful to see own creations lit up in the dark.

After cleaning up after ourselves, it was time for a spooky Jeopardy quiz. Our teachers bought us treats so we ate them while playing. These quizzes had horror videos which terrified half of the class. The questions were in English so there were students who were unable to understand the question but the questions were like, “What monster is this?” and like, “What is the name of this song?” so lots of students were able to get points. The time was approaching so we had to end the game but the students looked like they all had fun. The winner of the Jeopardy game got extra treats to eat.

We did our final clean up and left the classroom with our Jack O Lanterns. We decorated our home room with the pumpkins but a few days later they were rotten and we had to throw them away. This halloween party is held by our teachers and the students were very delighted to have fun celebrating Halloween. We all want to continue celebrating different holidays from around the world at Kobe Ryukoku High School.(R.O.)